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Mental Health Therapy focuses on the individual's mental health needs.  Interventions are customized based on the client's personal treatment plan and goals.  We serve clients of ALL ages.

Behavioral Health Intervention Services is for children ages 4-19 years old and focuses on behaviors that appear at home and at school. BHIS is an in-home counseling program through Medicaid and is available to children that are currently on Title 19. It is an excellent compliment to therapy services, because while therapy uncovers and repairs the "why" of the issue, BHIS is simultaneously addressing the "how to" of improving symptoms. There are many ways to identify if your child or other children you may know can benefit from BHIS. A few examples are: if the child is having difficulty concentrating or following directions, if a child is being bullied or someone is bullying them, if you've noticed a change in eating or sleeping patterns, if you've noticed a difficulty with adjusting to a move or change, or if the child is having difficulty resolving conflicts with peers or loved ones. 

Marriage and couples counseling offers a healthy way to resolve conflicts and limit negative impact on the members of the family.  Whole families can benefit together from family counseling sessions in order to improve their communication with one another, resolve conflicts and to build healthier relationships within the family.

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Is Counseling Right for You?

There are many ways to identify that yourself or a love one could benefit from Mental Health Therapy or in home Behavioral Health Intervention.  Here are a few examples:

Behavioral Heath Intervention Services (BHIS):

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  • Difficulty concentrating or following directions
  • Being bullied or bullying others
  • Changes in sleeping or eating pattern
  • Relationship difficulties such as divorce or separation
  • Difficulty adjusting to a move or change
  • Difficulty resolving conflicts with peers or loved ones
  • Feelings of depression
  • Thoughts of harming self or others
  • Experiences of trauma or abuse

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